Currently working as a piano teacher at “Brighton and Hove Music and Arts” and as a private tutor. I teach pupils of all ages and at all levels, from absolute beginners to post-grade 8.

piano teaching

I have been aspiring to be a teacher since I can remember. I believe that education is the most important pillar of a society. Therefore we must treat it with great respect. Young generations are the future and we must be aware of what we teach them as it is going to be part of that future. It is for that reason that being a professor represents one of the most important and special kinds of career.


I have a high qualification and experience in this area. I have been teaching since I was 15 years old.

I am full of ideas and creativity for teaching the students this amazing language. It is important to teach in an inspiring and motivating way, making the students interested in what he or she is learning.

My motto is “learning by doing”, so I consider the most important part is interacting with the students and making them part of their learning process. It is not passive learning, the student must be always involved. Educating is a two-way process. You learn and teach at the same time. Therefore you are continuously improving. Each student is a new opportunity to help you learn new ways to convey your knowledge in a better way.